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Traxxas R/C Cars, Trucks and More!

Traxxas R/C Cars, Trucks and More!

One of the biggest names in remote controlled cars and trucks is Traxxas! They have been building ready-to-race nitro and remote controlled vehicles since 1986. From speedboats, helicopters, cars, and trucks they build them all.  These affordable kits range from $150 to $400 and come with everything you need to get you up and racing right away. A lot of traditional R/C kits do not come with everything you need, where a Traxxas kit has everything you need right out the box.

Traxxas Fun For Any Level Of Hobbyist

With a Traxxas kit, you get everything you need, which removes the hassle of searching for every part. In addition, the Traxxas kit is just as fast and as good of quality as a traditional kit. In 1992, the company was the first to release a gas truck the Nitro Hawk. This started a big trend of nitro powered cars and trucks. Traxxas was the first in quite a few innovations in the remote controlled field. Firsts in:

  • Ready-to-Run R/C
  • High/Low Transmissions
  • Auto-Shifting Transmissions
  • Waterproof Electronics
  • 100mph Rady-to-Run Vehicle
  • Self-Righting Monster Trucks
  • And Many More Innovations!

Throughout the years, they have established itself as an industry leader in ready-to-run electric and nitro r/c cars and trucks. Now they are starting to enter the drone industry with their latest LaTrax product line. Of course, even the best vehicles need parts from time to time, and we carry and extensive line of Traxxas parts. From tires and rims to batteries, we carry all the parts you need to keep your vehicle running at its top speed!

For years, Traxxas has built a strong reputation on quality and reliability.  With great brands like the Ford Raptor or the Bigfoot, they have something for everyone. If you would like to learn more, please contact us today and let us know what you are looking for. Finally, enjoy your new kit and good luck at the races!